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Set Up Varnish-Cache 4 for WordPress

Speed up your WordPress site

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Reduce time to market with these tools

Firebase tools that are a must and speed up development

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Save 60% on server costs with this setup

Use Varnish to speed up your high traffic website and to save more than 60% on your server

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App Components

What to consider when starting a new app development

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Handle Incoming Notifications in iOS

Change or enrich notifications before the user sees them

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Handling Navigation in React Native

There’s obviously a lot of hype with react-native and let’s be honest, for those that have tried the framework, the result is quite…

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Mobile apps


Watch Me Think (Mobile App)

Along with the Watch Me Think team, we designed and developed the mobile application using React Native. I did most of the ReactNative implementation while the collaborators handled API design/implementation and UI/UX for the App. The most challenging part of this app was the native module developed for ReactNative. The module which was built using Java for Android and Swift for iOS served as a backround upload manager which also supports partial uploads, pause and resume functionalitites.

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Real Cert (

Real Cert for is a web application in Java and Firebase. It is used by real estate agents in italy that want to pubblish a certified ask-price for homes they're selling. Through web services, the application calulates a price range at which the home located at a certain area should be sold. In case the quotation is submitted meeting these requirements than it can be certified digitally.

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OnlyOroscopo (Server Design)

It is a network of over 4M people reached monthly built by Digital Hawks in Italy. The OnlyOroscopo website which is their most active application needed a new server infrastructure so we designed one scaled specifically to their needs in order to support the millions of monthly visitors.

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Bubble (Personal project)

It's a mobile application. At the moment the android mobile app was developed by Paolo Coba which is working but for policy reasons not yet published. It needs to be a bit updated. The iOS version has been started in Swift to be natively developed. It's work in progress. The server lays in Firebase. It's main idea is having users pubblish geolocalized messages that are attached to a geographic location. Second step will be having businesses promote with this kind of messages.

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Helped build the initial server for the gps solution of this startup. The initial solution was built on top of the Traccar open source project with a web UI interface in ExtJS and the backend in Java.

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ClubsMade is a project born from ClubsMade S.r.l. a start-up kind of company in Italy that tried to change the nightlife industry. I was one of the founders and was involved in a lot of different activities including development. We built mobile apps for both android and ios, a management system and a front end website.

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Climatix App

A mobile application for Siemens that is used to control and manage their devices both remotely and locally through a USB connection.

Dr. Ongaro

Contributed to creating an integratied accounting system that was connecting together Xero and Stripe and Clickfunnels.

Contributed to Payara on Github

I made a fix and pushed my PR to Payara on Github. The issue was produced when using an Apache Load Balancer with two Payara nodes. It was included in the Payara distrubted version 5.183


Carolyn Smith Dance Academy backoffice and accounting system. A system I built with a friend that is used by about 50 dance private schools to manage teachers and studens sessions.

MicroTime Management

It's a simple mobile application I made in Swift in order to get to know a bit the programming language. I published the application on the AppStore.

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Game of Life

A game that I've built before in Java as well. This time I made it as an application for iOS devices.

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An intuitive management web application for a law firm.


A platform for store visual designers and store managers to collaborate usually for franchise scenarios where the headquarters wants to be in control of store visuals.




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