Hello and thanks for passing by,

Currently I’m working as a senior engineer in Vienna Austria.

Previously I was an engineering manager at another company in Vienna. There along with development, I’ve been responsible for improving the collaboration and performance of the micro services team in the company. I established trainings, pair- and mob-programming in the team to get everyone to the same level. I also introduced scrum in the team and along with all the scrum ceremonies and JIRA tools it was easier for everyone to track the progress. At Gustaffo.com along with other features, I have delivered a digitalised guest journey for a new hotel chain in Germany (b`mine). The platform handles the check-in with a legal digital signature, checkout, payment, room access through BLE technology with two lock providers (AssaAbloy locks and Messerschmitt locks) and also the possibility to order the elevator from the app. The elevators in this hotels are special for they let you get to your room with your car.

Earlier I worked as a senior software engineer and team leader in a software house in Italy in which I developed software for insurance companies. I left the company after around 8 years because I felt like there was no space for me to grow more professionally. I was the project manager for two web products; a claims management system integrated with Salesforce and as well a customer facing portal for insurance products management and fast price quotation.

On my free time, whenever I can I take on projects with friends and try to give my support as a consultant to friends that want to explore entrepreneurship. In the past I have been a board member, founder or co-founder of different companies.

I’m passionate about technology and always trying to be updated with the latest stuff. I’m trying to use the most popular frameworks and also understand pros and cons for each of them. My brother and I created an Italian organisation where we share technologies, ideas, approaches to solve problems and work methodologies. The group contains around 40 members of which some work at Spotify, others at Klarna, others at Elasticsearch and others at HaProxy.

One of my proudest latest achievements is having taught in a coding course organised by Talent Garden. I had the opportunity to get involved with Talent Garden and organise a coding course for 11 students. I’ve created around 50 exercises to help the students progress on basic topics like algorithms and data structures as well as basic frontend development with HTML and javascript with further topics including Docker, React and ExpressJS. Due to the great feedback from the students I was invited by Talent Garden to prepare the material for the following coding course and also to teach. But at that time it was not convenient for my employer to allow me to teach again.

Another accomplishment was that of converting a team from a kanban(-ish) way of doing things to a definitive scrum organisation and establishing tools and protocols to make it easy for everyone to feel both productive and involved in the project. I think my best trait is that I’m curious and at work this makes me look for new approaches to solve problems also by means of confrontation with my colleagues. With that I managed to see first hand the impact of the team organisation and company organisation to the software produced.

Current interest include:

  • Movies
  • Travelling
  • Food

Active projects

  • godobet.it
  • onlyoroscopo.it
  • e2n.me
  • bubbles app
  • redacted
  • writing articles on medium (and possibly a book)
  • instructional video creation