Diners Club App

An integrated system for the customers of Diners Club with the primary function to promptly notify users of any payments through push notifications.

Provent mobile room access

Platform to digitally access rooms in Provent (Radisson) properties in Germany. The app is integrated with the AssaAbloy system.

B`mine Digital Guest Journey

Implemented the fully digital guest journey for the B`mine hotels. Including regsitration form, check-in, check-out of the guests in the hotels. Just as well a mobile room access solution was…

Griffwerk IoT

I created the architecture design and implemented the framework for the mobile access solution of Griffwerk with IoT.


A service that allows communities to share their opinions on sporting events. Integrated with stripe to manage subscription services along with social features it is one of the top competitors…

Dr. Ongaro (Stripe integration)

Contributed to creating an integratied accounting system that was connecting together Xero and Stripe and Clickfunnels.


VisualGo is a mobile app and web platform for Visual merchandisers to collaborate easily with store managers on a distributed territory. It’s a system that provides a fully fetched tasks…

Climatix App

A mobile application for Siemens that is used to control and manage their devices both remotely and locally through a USB connection.


Management system built with a proprietary framework (FUEL). e2n was configured to work as a CMS and event management software for event planners. Link: e2n.me

Bubble (Personal project)

It’s a mobile application. At the moment the android mobile app was developed by Paolo Coba which is working but for policy reasons not yet published. It needs to be…

OnlyOroscopo (social platform)

It is a network of over 4M MAU built by Digital Hawks in Italy. The OnlyOroscopo website which is their most active application needed a new server infrastructure so we…

Real Cert (Caasa.it)

Real Cert for Caasa.it is a web application in Java and Firebase. It is used by real estate agents in Italy that want to publish a certified ask-price for homes…

Nike (Centralized Logging / Monitoring)

A full end to end setup of Elastic stack. Filebeat and Auditbeat configuration. Parsing with Logstash. Backup to S3 bucket and restore from S3. Dashboard generation and watchers setup for…

Watch Me Think (Mobile App)

Along with the Watch Me Think team, we designed and developed the mobile application using React Native. I did most of the ReactNative implementation while the collaborators handled API design/implementation…